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some exercises to practice your English


1. Collocations   and Vocabulary........................2
2. Word and Preposition Combinations.............9
3.Open Cloze.......................................................13
4.Word Formation..............................................18
5.Phrasal Verbs..................................................20

Collocations   and Vocabulary

A.I. Study the following sentences and underline the correct alternative
1. She suddenly  burst/ broke into laughter when she saw the clown.
2. I strongly remember that accident; it was the first time I had  borne/stayed  witness to such a violent death.
3. In the end I told them to stop  joking  as they had developed/ carried  it  too far.
4. Please,  cast/put  an eye over this before I send it!
5. People lined the  streets outside the theatre to catch a glimpse/view of her.
6. You simply don’t have to  change/switch your  mind just to please me.
7. This bomb attack is meant to convey/drive a message to the authorities.
8. The earthquake  caused/provoked  damage to the whole city.
9. When my parents were away, I had  to take care/hold of my younger brother.
10. They are going to try to make/start a go of their marriage again.

II. Study the following sentences and underline the correct alternative
1. The company had cleared the main obstacle/burden to concluding the sales.
2. I don’t know why he is giving me such dirty looks/eyes.
3. Ladies and gentlemen, I need to draw/take  your  attention to a very important issue.
4.   We have  made/done systematic comparison of the techniques used by the different players.
5. Grandmother told her grandson that he was  driving/turning her  mad
6. Please  drop/write   a line to me to let me know how you are.
7. Try as I might. I couldn’t lay/lie my  hands on a copy of the book.
8. Just as a matter of interest/question, what were you doing on Friday evening?
9. They certainly didn’t  do/make  him  a favour by constanly lying to him about his mother’s illness.
10. I tried my level/chance best to persuade her to stay.

III. Study the following sentences and underline the correct alternative

1. There is a great demand/choice for  quality products nowadays.
2.  You can go home, secured/secure in the knowledge that your car is safe.
3. They lead the world/humanity in oil production.
4. The two schools have joined together/both to raise money for charity.
5. He  earns/wins his  living by selling newspapers.
6. I trust we as a nation will maintain/keep our integrity.
7. You can  enrich/maintain your  knowledge by reading more about England.
8. If you want to get out of here, you have to keep a cool head/mind.
9. Over 10 millions of smokers have succeeded in kicking/banging the habit.
10. Window frames carry/bring a thirty  year quarantee against rot and decay.

IV. Study the following sentences and underline the correct alternative

1. If you really want to  play/pay tricks on people, you can do it on Fools’ day.
2. It might be easy to put/make the blame on someone but you have to prove it.
3. Doctors fear that these medicines will stunt/prevent your growth.
4. The party with an overall majority is then asked to form/make a government.
5. The investigation into these allegations seems no further forward/ahead.
6. This situation will certainly   raise/rise  the committee’s  objection .
7.  If she reads/sees between the lines, she will understand what I really mean.
8. He persuaded them to re-elect him by sheer  force of personality/character.
9. She was still in the first flush/steps of her success.
10. Cheap importing goods are flooding/covering the market.

V. Study the following sentences and underline the correct alternative

1. He managed to throw/cast cold water on the work of his colleagues.
2. Mark always  turned a blind /good eye to serious problems pretending he didn’t even care.
3. I am not in the right position to tackle/hold  the problem of homelessness.
4. If I were you, I would not think for a moment and take/grab the chance.
5. You should always  keep track/ idea on what you spend every month.
6. Filling the sky, there were birds beyond/behind number.
7. The chairman brought the meeting to order/start.
8. It’s difficult to put into words/action how I feel about what happened.
9. Any man found breaking the rules would be given absolutely no quarter/escape.
10. New evidence has thrown/sent into question his testimony.

VI. Study the following sentences and underline the correct alternative

1.  Last season, our basketball team didn’t   win/beat a match.
2. It took two years to get the project up and running/going.
3. While they were serving time in prison, they put/carried out a secret plan and managed to break out.
4. He walked slowly around teh corner and then broke into the run/walk.
5. She seeemed determined to  put/bring an end to the stormy relationship they had.
6. Smoking 50 cigarettes a day will definitely ruin/hurt your health.
7. If you want to  do/make a complaint about the ill-treatment, try talking to the manager.
8. Read carefully first and then select/make your  choice.
9.  I won’t do/make a decision unless  I talk to my lawyer.
10. You won’t do/make anybody a favour if you kill yourself.

VII. Study the following sentences and underline the correct alternative.

1.  The authorities should put/take imediate  action to stop the crisis.
2.  The local  committee did not believe they would have any chance to rise/raise the necessary  funds to rebuild  the hospital.
3.  It is always advisable to keep/hold your  word otherwise noboy will ever trust you.
4.  They missed/lost their way when they were on holiday last year.
5. We do not have to defend ourselves; the facts/words speak for themselves.
6.  I did not seem to take/listen to anybody’s advice when I was younger and rebellious.
7.  You should trust the pople or the corporations you  are going to do/make business with.
8. If we don’t go/come to an agreement, we won’t stop fighting.
9. The company owns/owes a duty to its shareholders.
10.  Could you give/pay me  a lift tomorrow morning because I need to get to work early.

VIII. Study the following sentences and underline the correct alternative.

1.  Philologists are trying to write/compile  a dictionary in which to include only literary terms.
2.  After undergoing the operation., the patient did/made a visible health  improvement .
3. The band did/gave a live performance for their fans.
4.  Can you do /make a promise that you will behave yourself while I am on business?
5. His application for the job was rejected as he didn’t fit/meet the company’s requirements
6. In case of emergency, take/make use of this telephone number.
7.  I usually give/pay a visit to my grandmother every weekend.
8.  Actors have done/played an important part in this campaign.
9. Working in my father’s company will do/make a new start for me.
10. Nobody should ever bring/take advantage of anyone’s misfortunes.

B. Complete the senteces with the correct answer a,b,c,d

  1. Road conditions are difficult because of the……rain.
    1. driving
    2. fast
    3. quick
    4. hard
  2. The little girl was in ……of tears when she discovered that she had ruined her new dress.
    1. storms
    2. waves
    3. floods
    4. streams
  3. I was  simply trying to ……her a compliment but she misunderstood my intentions.
    1. bring
    2. give
    3. pay
    4. tell
  4. I don’t know Mark very well; we are just …… aquaintances.
    1. casual
    2. mere
    3. simple
    4. normal
  5. I was asked to …….our next meeting as our boss was abroad and a was the only one who knew about the plan
    1. chair
    2. present
    3. take
    4. bring
  6. The bus driver …… serious head injuries in the accident.
    1. sustained
    2. produced
    3. resulted
    4. held
  7. John gave Mary a …..glance to see if she had  been hurt or not.
    1. speedy
    2. fast
    3. quick
    4. hasty
  8. We ……some interesting ideas with our American Counterparts at the end of the conference.
    1. exchanged
    2. switched
    3. transferred
    4. passed
  9. I think that the company’s new plans are a …..for disaster.
    1. recipe
    2. plan
    3. scheme
    4. method
  10. I’d rather ….. such unpleasant memories.
    1. blot out
    2. pass away
    3. stir up
    4. flood back

  1. You must wear gloves in this cold or your fingers will ….. numb.
    1. make
    2. become
    3. go
    4. have
  2. He seemed to have… the wrong foot with his mother-in-law.
    1. started
    2. begun
    3. got
    4. put
  3. He had ……. great strides with his new novel.
    1. made
    2. done
    3. had
    4. accomplished
  4. At some point, I …. up agaisnt some oposition from the management.
    1. ran
    2. dicovered
    3. encountered
    4. met
  5. I could hear his ….steps coming down the corridor.
    1. hard
    2. strong
    3. heavy
    4. harsh
  6. We can go for a leisurely ….. around the park later.
    1. stroll
    2. go
    3. journey
    4. trip
  7. It isn’t compulsory to …… all the lectures at this university.
    1. assist
    2. attend
    3. listen
    4. see
  8. The teacher needs to …….some feedback on his students’ essays.
    1. give
    2. offer
    3. make
    4. provide
  9. All students must ……their applications before the end of this term.
    1. submit
    2. file
    3. send
    4. write
20.Some politicians have decided to ……. from the elections.
a.  keep
b. enter
c. withdraw
d.  leave

C. Complete the following senteces with one word only in order to make sense.
1.      Invading that country was an utterly ………. thing to do.
2.      We entered a richly ………. room.
3.      Are you fully ……….. of the implications of your action?
4.      The doctor ordered him to take regular ………….
5.      The Titanic sank on its maiden ………...
6.      He was writhing on the ground in excruciating ………….
7.      Let's give Mr Jones a ……… of applause.
8.      The ceasefire ………. came into effect at 11am.
9.      I'd like to buy two ……… of soap please.
10.   The lion started to roar when it heard the dog ………...
11.   Snow was falling as our plane ……… off.
12.   The bomb went ……… when he started the car engine.
13.   The prisoner was hanged for ……….. murder.
14.   I always try to do my homework in the morning, after making my ………...
15.   He has been asked to ……….. a presentation about his work.
16.   We had to return home because we had ……. out of money.
17.   At first her eyes filled ………. horror, and then she burst into tears.
18.   Their behaviour was enough to drive anybody ………. crime.
19.   She ………. her keys gently on the table and sat down.
20.   Mary whispered ………… in John's ear.

Word and Preposition Combinations
I. Study the following sentences which contain adjective + preposition combinations and underline the correct alternative
1.Terry, who had been absent from/in  school for two weeks, was surprised to see a new girl in a class. Her name was Pam.
2. Sara is accustomed to/with working at night. Working in the daytime is unusual for her.
3. Are you acquainted with/of Kaye? She runs English-Zone.Com.
4. Ben was addicted to/on  drugs, but Gwyneth turned his life around.
5. Are you afraid of/with flying saucers?
6. She is really envious of/about her sister’s success.
7. Sara was so angry about/with Gary that she got in her car and drove away.
8. I'm very proud of/at my daughter's wonderful progress in school.
9. Pam was annoyed at/of Tom for being late for the date.
10. Yoko was anxious with/about going to the dentist.
11.The conference was dedicated to/with the problems associated with hacking.
12. Are you aware of/off the dangers of the Internet?
13. Todd is bored with/at  backgammon.
14. Susan was disappointed by/with her meal.
15. Is Doctor Jones familiar of/with that new pill?
16. The Smiths are very happy with/about their new car.
17. Are you in favor with/ of abortion?
18. He is really opposed against/to buying a new car.
19. He is not satisfied by/with his new school
20. Maria is tired with/of working for a living.
21. Don’t be frightened by/at the dog, he won’t bite.
22. John is interested in/by anthropology.
23. I was surprised by/with his behavior.
24. He cannot be certain of/on the date.
25. She seems to be totally different from/of what I expected.

II. Study the following sentences which  contain verb + preposition combinations and underline the correct alternative.

1.The scary man is accused of/with stealing.
2 I was wondering if you would agree with/to me.
3.Mark,  please apologize for/with  being unkind to your sister!
4. Mary applied to/at California University and Steve applied for/to a job.
5. I have never approved of/with smoking.
6. They are always arguing with/to their neighbours about the noise but they never argue about/of what measures should be taken.
7. The plane finally arrived in/to New York and my friend  arrived to/at the gate at 8:00.
8. Do you believe in/on space aliens?
9. Sara is to blame on/ for this broken window.
10. My sister borrowed $15 from/to me.
11. Please do not complain about/of the color.
12. She consented to/with her daughter’s marriage.
13. Water consists of/in  hydrogen and oxygen.
14. I am depending on/of  you to help me.
15. We laughed at/to  his silly shirt.
16. Do you object to/against my smoking?
17. He succeeded to/in making everyone angry.
18. My grandmother is always obsessing over/ at her health.
19. The children were expelled out of/from school for their bad behavior
20. Haven’t you been taught by your parents that it is rude to stare at/to people?
21. Her book is pitched at/to teenagers.
22. That morning he preached to/at two thousand people.
23.I am sure that these pills would prevent you from/against feeling sick again.
24. The whole deal preyed in/on my mind till dusk.
25. My brother was promoted as/to senior group manager.

III. The following senteces contain some  of the most commonly used noun + preposition combinations that can be followed by gerunds. Study the sentences and choose the correct preposition.

1. His addiction to/with  surfing the Internet is a problem.
2. He has the advantage of/on speaking English fluently.
3. Her anxiety for/ about speaking in public caused her to lose the job.
4. His belief  about/in not harming animals was something he learned from his mother.
5. She took credit on/ for improving the filing system.
6. His dedication to/in teaching was impressive.
7. The delay on/ in processing the visa caused problems.
8. His devotion on/to biking allowed him to win the competition.
9. The disadvantage with/of flying is that you can't see the scenery along the way.
10. Her fondness on/ for traveling led to her career in the travel industry.
11. His habit of/with smoking in restaurants caused many problems in California.
12. Her career as a pilot evolved out of her interest in/on flying.
13. Her knowledge on/of climbing helped her during the competition.
14. His love for/of singing developed when he was a child.
15. Their memories about/of traveling in Africa will stay with them forever.
16. I think his preference in/ for speaking his native language is natural.
17.The process with/of painting such a large mural is more complicated than you might think.
18. His reaction at/to winning the prize was quite funny.
19. The main reason for/to taking the course is to improve your language skills.
20. The criminal's regret for/of  committing the crime did not convince the judge.
21. The magazine's report about/on choosing the right car was not well researched.
22. Her reputation at/for lying is well known.
23. His responsibility in/for completing the project on time was acknowledged by the company.
24. I don't know if I believe his story of/about seeing a UFO.
25. His talent in/ for learning languages was impressive.

IV. In the following sentences the prepositions have been omitted. Fill in each gap with a preposition  in order to form  well- known fixed phrases.

  1. According …… the news, it will rain tonight.
  2. Can you take this bottle along …..these cans, to the recycle bin?
  3. I am speaking on behalf……… political pary.
  4. Because …….. the strike, there will be no buses today.
  5. The child entered the yard by means ……… an open gate.
  6. John went to Paris by way …….. London.
  7. In addition ……… studying ballet full-time, Patricia works part-time.
  8. In case ……, break glass and pull alarm.
  9. In consideration …….. all your hard work I would like to take you to dinner.
  10. In contrast ……… last summer, this summer is quite cool.
  11. In deference ………. her age, we did not argue with her.
  12. We came here in hopes ……….. meeting the famous musician.
  13. He gave an oral report in lieu …….. the written exam.
  14. The business is in pursuit ………. excellence.
  15. They went into the cave in search ………the  lost treasure.
  16. In spite ……… his good intentions, he did not study much or do well on the exam.
  17. In the face ……… a severe drought, conservation measures needed to be adopted.
  18. He was a good teacher in terms ………. getting his students to pass their exams.
  19. I will do my best to finish it in accordance…..the terms of the contract.
  20. He did everything in the name …… God.
  21. This is written in accordance….what I have learned.
  22. I am buying this house now with a view ……. selling it at a different price later on.
  23. His grandfather died as a result …. a heart attack.
  24. The council is in agreement …..the government.
  25. Steve was ahead …his time.

Open Cloze

1. Fill each of the numbered blanks in the passage with one suitable word.
       Foreigners living in Britain will have to wait longer to 1 …. granted citizenship under government proposals published 2…. Thursday.  Migrants would 3….. to spend time as probationary citizens  4……. winning full citizenship.
       Those 5….. show they are committed to the country, 6 …. example by doing voluntary service, could have their probation reduced to as little 7….. a year. But those committing minor offences would face delays 8….. five years or more, while any sent to jail would be immediately considered for deportation.
      The effect would be to add 9.…. least a year’s delay to citizenship—non-nationals already have to wait a minimum of five years in Britain before making 10…. application. Immigrants in Britain now might have to wait for 10 years before they can apply 11…. citizenship with the UK government proposing new tests.
      “Migration only works if 12….. brings benefits and these measures will ensure that only those migrants 13…… make a positive impact …… their local community will be able to stay in the UK,” said border and immigration minister Phil Woolas.
       Critics said the government’s Borders, Citizenship and Immigrants bill would do little to reduce the level of migration ….. Britain.

2. Fill each of the numbered blanks in the passage with one suitable word.

            WE eat therefore we live. This is indeed 1….. simple as it sounds as long as we cook our meals 2….. home and know fully well what goes into the making 3….. our meals. But in an age when bakeries and eateries abound and a culture of eating out is here 4….. stay, we can 5…… longer take 6….. granted the simple link 7…….. eating and living. Unless we are aware 8……. the ingredients that go into the baker’s bread or the gourmet’s gravy, we cannot be sure if the food on our plate will help us live. Awful as it 9….. sound, the eateries and bakeries that we frequent hardly ever enlighten us about their fare. We assume that they care 10……. our well-being as much as they care for their profits. Unfortunately, the discovery of a hair 11……. a cake in Lahore suggests the truth may be otherwise. Even 12….. a court has duly compensated the consumer for the legal expenses incurred and the amount spent on the hairy cake, the issue highlights 13….. serious inadequacies in the processing and marketing of food at eateries. Bread, cakes and patties have labels that tell us nothing 14……. how they are made, with what ingredients and, more importantly, when. The goings-on inside restaurant kitchens and bakery plants are 15…… aggressively kept under wraps that any news of something fishy found there is suppressed.

3. Fill each of the numbered blanks in the passage with one suitable word.

  A high fat diet 1…. before you were born might have programmed you 2….. a life of over-eating. A new research 3……. that eating a high-fat diet in pregnancy may cause changes in the fetal brain that lead to obesity early 4…… life.
 Tests on rats 5 ……. those born to mothers fed a high-fat diet had many more brain cells specialised to produce appetite-stimulating proteins, reports the BBC News website. The Rockefeller University team say the finding may help 6…….. why obesity rates have soared in recent years.
   Previous research 7……. adult animals had shown that when fats known 8…… triglycerides circulate in the blood they stimulate the production of proteins in the brain known as orexigenic peptides, which 9……. turn stimulate the appetite. The latest study suggests exposure to triglycerides from the mother’s diet has the same effect on the developing fetal brain — and that the effect then lasts 10……. the offspring’s life.
   The researchers compared the offspring of rats fed a high-fat diet 11….. two weeks with those whose mothers ate a moderate amount of fat. They found that the pups born to the high-fat diet mothers ate more, weighed more throughout life, and began puberty earlier 12…. those born to mothers who ate a normal diet.
   They also had higher levels of triglycerides in the blood 13……. birth, and as adults, and a greater production of orexigenic peptides in their brains. More detailed analysis showed that, even before the birth, the high-fat pups had a much larger number 14…… brain cells that produce orexigenic peptides — and they kept them throughout their lives. Their mothers’ high-fat diet appeared to stimulate production of the cells, and their subsequent migration to parts of the brain linked 15……. obesity.

4. Fill each of the numbered blanks in the passage with one suitable word.
As teenagers upgrade 1…… digital music players, they hand over the older 2…… to parents, giving rise to a new generation of older digital music fans.
  Children pass 3…… their old iPods, which already have their favourite songs on 4……., prompting the gap in musical tastes between generations to close.
   According 5……. the survey of 1,000 people by digital music service eMusic, nearly one 6…… five teenagers now 7…….. their second mp3 player. And 8……. these children fail to wipe their old mp3s, they pass them 9……. to their parents, encouraging these middle-aged adults to appreciate modern singers and bands.
   10……, the number of people aged 40-plus listening to digital music is on 11…… rise, still 12…… fail to harness the full potential of “hand-me-up” mp3 players.
With technology upgrading day 13…… day, majority of the parents are confused and have to rely on children to 14…….. music for them. Only one in 10 adults over 40 years of age know 15……. to replace inherited songs with their favourites on an mp3 player.

      5. Fill each of the numbered blanks in the passage with one suitable word.

      City-based postgraduate student Samiksha Sharma, who 1…… the net a lot, has received her share of fraudulent emails asking 2…… to send money abroad so she 3…… collect ‘lottery winnings’, get a 4……..laptop or share in the spoils of a ‘Nigerian windfall’. It was easy to spot them 5……. fakes and ignore them.
   But she wasn’t quite prepared 6……. the email she received recently. It came from the account of someone she knew and even bore his digital signature. “The mail said Varun was stuck in London and needed 1,200 pounds (Rs 85,000) to 7…….. wired to a local address because he had lost his wallet and documents,’’ Sharma said. The email alarmed 8……, and she called Varun, only to discover that he  was in Mumbai, not London.
   Sharma is one of several people 9……. be targeted in the latest email scam. Email accounts are 10…….. hacked into and mail is being sent to addresses in the contacts’ list. Bandra businessman Al-Naseer Zakaria approached the city police cyber crime cell after a mail from his hotmail account 11…….. his acquaintances to send him £1,800 (Rs 1.27 lakh) because he was stranded abroad. When a relative replied, he 12…….. asked to wire money to a UK address.
   Zakaria had earlier received 13…… email with a Microsoft logo asking for his username and password and he 14……. complied. A Microsoft spokesperson said the company would 15…….. ask for a user’s password and someone with malicious intent was impersonating the company. 

6. Fill each of the numbered blanks in the passage with one suitable word.

       A teenage computer nerd hopes a new company he’s launched will 1…… an online powerhouse—and he’s got the backing 2……. Microsoft to help him 3……. it.
             Mike Pronovost, 19, 4…… the chief executive of Powerband Internet, a firm 5… promises ultra-fast internet speeds 6…… with dial-up phone connections.
              “Our software creates a ‘virtual desktop,’ 7……. your internet connection isn’t used to 8……… download a file,” Pronovost said. Instead, the file is 9……. on Microsoft’s servers. So when a user logs 10…….. a Powerband account, 11….. connection merely runs the files — 12….. faster 13…… downloading. Downloading a 10-gigabyte movie 14….. a “virtual desktop,” Pronovost said, would 15…… about 10 seconds.

7. Fill each of the numbered blanks in the passage with one suitable word.

       Need medical help? Advice is now just a 1…… key strokes away.
       Be it tackling common cold, seeking a second opinion on starting insulin 2….. diabetes management or the address 3….. the nearest tertiary-care hospital during emergencies, a telecom provider 4…… started a service that provides doctors’ advice 5….. your cellphone.
       This, 6……. city doctors, is in keeping 7……. the growing acceptance of high-tech tools by doctors to stay in 8…… with patients. Five years 9……., only a few doctors would share their mobile numbers 10……. their patients. It’s no longer the 11…... Computers on the doctor’s desk are now the norm 12…… than exception. Consider Thane paediatrician Makrand Joshi, who has listed his contact numbers on the files he hands 13……. A notice in his clinic asks parents to “call me 14……. my cellphone and not my residence phone as it could disturb others’’. When plastic surgeon Rajesh Rajput 15…….. on leave recently, he programmed an email reply giving his return date.

 8. Fill each of the numbered blanks in the passage with one suitable word.

   An Indian millionaire 1…. owns an internet gambling company has pleaded guilty to violating US laws and has 2…… to forfeit $300 million as part of the deal.
   The 37 year old Anurag Dikshit, who 3….. co-founder of the Gibraltar based UK company PartyGaming, appeared in the Southern District Court here, and read a statement 4……regret  for his actions.
   Dikshit faced charges of 5…… the internet to transmit inter-state and foreign betting information, a charge that carries a potential prison term of two years, Financial Times reported. “I pleaded guilty as I came to believe 6….. was a high probability that the company's business was illegal 7……. US laws,” Dikshit said.
   His company offered casino and poker games 8…… the American clientele and the case had 9…… going on in the district court 10…… two years..Judge Jed Rakoff set his sentencing date for two years.
   Dikshit agreed to 11…….. with the prosecution and prosecutors indicated that they may submit a plea to the judge asking leniency for him. 12……. bail was set at $I5 million, but Dikshit was not required to pay or post it in view 13….. his cooperation.
   Prosecutors told the judge that Dikshit had demonstrated his 14……. to cooperate by already paying $100m to the US treasury and promising to pay another $100m in three months and the last instalment of another $100m by September 30 next year.
   Forbes magazine has estimated Dikshit’s worth at $1.6 billion, making him one of the richest 15…….. in the world.

9. Fill each of the numbered blanks in the passage with one suitable word.

Microsoft will release an emergency patch on Wednesday to fix a perilous software flaw allowing hackers to hijack Internet Explorer browsers and take 1……. computers.
   The US software giant said that in 2…….. to “the threat to customers” it immediately mobilized security engineering teams worldwide to deliver a software cure “in the unprecedented 3……. of eight days.”
   4…….. to researchers at software security firm Trend Micro, attacks based 5……. the vulnerability in the world’s most popular web browser 6……. spreading “like wildfire” 7…….. millions of computers already compromised. Microsoft typically releases patches for 8……. software on the second Tuesday of each month and rushing this fix to computer users out-of-cycle is testimony to the severe danger of  threat, according to Trend Micro.
   “9…….. the patch is released people should run, not walk, to get 10……. installed,” said Trend Micro advanced threat researcher Paul Ferguson. “This vulnerability is 11…..actively exploited by cyber-criminals and getting worse 12…. day.”
   Trend Micro has identified about 10,000 websites that have 13…… infected with malicious software that can be surreptitiously slipped 14……. visitors’ IE browsers to take advantage of the flaw. A major internet portal in Taiwan is among the legitimate websites unknowingly tainted with malicious software aimed 15……. IE’s weak spot, according to Ferguson.

10. Fill each of the numbered blanks in the passage with one suitable word.

      Filling the atmosphere 1……greenhouse gases associated with global warming could push the planet into a new ice age, scientists 2 …….  warned.
     Researchers at the University of Birmingham found that 630 million 3…… ago the earth had a warm atmosphere 4…….. of carbon dioxide but was completely 5……. with ice, the Daily Telegraph reported.
    The scientists studied limestone rocks and 6……. evidence that large amounts of greenhouse gas coincided 7…….. a prolonged period of freezing temperatures.
   Such glaciation could happen again 8…… global warming is not curbed, the university’s school of geography, earth and environmental sciences warned.
   While pollution in the air is thought to trap the sun’s heat in the atmosphere, causing the planet to heat 9……, this new research suggests it could also have the opposite effect reflecting rays back into space.
   This effect would be magnified 10…… other forms of pollution in the earth’s atmosphere 11… particles of sulphate pumped into the air through industrial pollution or volcanic activity and could create ice age conditions once more, the scientists said.
   Ian Fairchild, lead investigator, told the London newspaper Daily Telegraph: “We came 12……. with an independent test of a theory that 13…… earth, like a baked Alaska pudding, was once hot 14…… the outside, surrounding a cold, icy surface. It happened naturally in the past, but the wrong use of technology could make it 15…… again.”


Complete the following sentences with a word derived from the one between brackets.

1. German cars are known for their ……... .(to rely)
2. We look forward to receiving your price ………. (to quote)
3. Payment will be effected on ……. of the goods.  (to receive)
4. A five per cent discount for regular customers is not really…….. . (to accept)
5. We are looking for a candidate with real  …….capacities. (to manage)
6. Let me introduce you to Helen, the management ………. (to assist)
7. It's tough being an …….. these days. The questions interviewers ask! (to apply)
8. I could hit myself. I made the same mistake twice in……. . (to succeed)
9.Meeting other people, for me, is a basic……. . (to need)
10.I usually have a sore head after a night of ….... drinking and smoking. (to exceed)
11.They must have forgotten to add the ……. to this letter. (to enclose)
12.Check if there is a ……….. fee. (to cancel)
13……..must be filed within 5 working days. (to complain - plural noun)
14.If your terms are ………., we may consider placing regular orders. (to satisfy)
15.Could you send us 10 …….. brochures for distribution among our staff? (to add)
16.In the past three months I have been working as a…….. . (to train)
17.That rule is not ……. in this case (apply)
18.  English is a ….. easy language for us to learn. (compare)
19.Don’t tell anyone. This is …. (confide)
20.Librarians spend a lot of time …… their books (class)
21.Despite his …… Stevie Wonder managed to become a top pop singer. (able)
22. In wartime there are often ….. of food. (short)
23.See Mr Baker. This matter is his … (response).
24.The company got more than 20 … (complain)
25.What ….. do you need for this job? (qualify)
26.It is …. to take credit for other people’s ideas. (moral)
27.The pavement was …. due to the thin layer of ice that had formed. (slip)
28.The price is £5, excluding …. and packing. (post)
29.I spent my ….. in the country. (child)
 30.People who smoke ….. their children to do likewise. (courage)

                         Phrasal Verbs

1.  Phrasal Verbs with 'off'
Complete the first part of the phrasal verbs. Some verbs may be used more than once but with different meaning.
1.It's so hot today. Why don't you. off your coat?
2.Due to a lack of interest, we had to ….. the meeting off.
3.Oh no! Look, the wallpaper is ……. off!
4.I stayed up to watch a film, but then I ……. off.
5.Stop …….off your knowledge of history.
6.Damn, I couldn't clean that ……. off my favourite sweater.
7.All the hard work finally ……. off.
8.The company ………. off jobs. About 100 workers were laid off.
9.Would you please let me finish my thought? Don't ……. me off in the middle of a sentence.
10. The new management …….. off an amazing recovery in the company's fortunes.
11. He invested the money and ……. off the interest.
12. She saved money every month and finally managed to ….. off her student loan.
13. They … the decision for another month.
14. We'll never get the money back - I think we should …… it off.
15. Falling prices put me off investing in the English property market.

2.  Phrasal Verbs with 'out”
Complete the first part of the phrasal verbs.
1.     I enjoy…….. out with friends.
2.     Last weekend we……. out the shed in our garden.
3.     If you want to go anywhere tonight ,……. me out. I'm grounded.
4.     His unbelievable story…… out to be true.
5.     Have you ……….out the bin yet?
6.     One should not …..the baby out with the bathwater.
7.     When Simon was little, he used to sing in a choir. But after his voice change, he ………out.
8.     Do you need a break? You look……… out.
9.     I'm afraid the situation is ……..out of hand.
10.  I saw a shadow, but I couldn't………. out what it was.
11.  We surely can’t …..out the tour now as all the tickets have already been sold.
12.  The students have to ….out only three sections.
13.  My mother has ….out a lot of money lately from her account in order to buy a house for me.
14.  Fortunately, everything …..out fine in the end.
15.  The stong smell of fresh paint made me ….out.

 3.  Phrasal Verbs with 'out”
Complete the first part of the phrasal verbs.
1. I have always …..on well with my parents.
2. We regret to inform you that this year we are not …..on any more employees.
3. ….on doing that wonderful job!
4. Everybody needs to …..on with their work if we want to finish the project in due time.
5. They…. on their early success and soon expanded to become the biggest catering firm in the South East.
6. Her dancing technique is good, but he needs to ……. on her strenght.
7. As a student, I felt that my Maths teacher was always…..on me.
8. What colour have you ……on for the living room?
9. I would like you to ….on until I go and check if the manager is available.
10. Will you ….my message on to when she comes home?
11. Can I ….on this yellow dress?
12. Your headache is …..on by the lack of sleep.
13. I  am going to ….on you this afternoon after I finish work.
14. In spite of her illness, she seems to be ….on well at school.
15. My boyfriend’s birthday …..on next Monday.

4. A Night Out

Fill in all the gaps with the correct form of a phrasal verb.

            Dave's a funny chap! He never wants to …… in the evenings, but when he does, he never wants to go home again!
            Last Thursday was a typical example. I phoned him and asked if he wanted to go out to our local pub for a quick drink. At first, he said that he didn't want to - he would rather …. and watch the telly. But after about 10 minutes, I managed to persuade him to come to the pub.
            Well, we had a nice evening, and the 'quick drink' turned into a longer drink; the more Dave and I drank, the more we wanted to drink. The pub closed at 11 o'clock, so we had to  …….then, but Dave wanted to……..  and persuaded me that we should go to the nightclub in town to continue our 'conversation'. There weren't many people in the nightclub, but that didn't stop us from having a good time! I finally …… home at 5 o'clock in the morning, feeling very happy, tired, and drunk.
            The way my head felt on Friday morning (or, to be more accurate, Friday afternoon!), I had to agree with our friends who say that Dave and I are a bad influence on each other!

5. Being Involved (in)

Fill in all the gaps, using a phrasal . This exercise uses the adverb particle 'in' with the general meaning 'to be involved with an activity'

1. If you're organising a trip to London, ……. me  ! I love the city!
2. I didn't really want to do it at first - I was ……… by Dave.
3. This is a fantastic investment opportunity. If you……… , contact me by Friday.
4. I  ……..oil painting, but I prefer watercolours.
5. I'm not interested in ……….. people just because they are useful or powerful.


Fill in all the gaps This exercise uses the adverb particle 'out' with the general meaning 'to cease'

1. I don't think we'll ever……..  financial fraud completely.
2. The engine………  so we had to push the car all the way to the garage.
3. Although the policy did not change, the protests………. eventually .
4. This course is too demanding. Most of the students…………  in the first year.
5. The next morning, he discovered that one of the party guests had………  in the garden.

7. Freezing and Boiling

Fill in all the gaps the correct form of the phrasal verb “freeze” or “boil”.

                           Winter extremes

            It was an incredibly cold winter. When I got up that Thursday I was cold and when I went to the bathroom, I was colder. When I turned the shower on there was no water.
"Oh, no! The pipes have ."
            Luckily I was wrong. My neighbour downstairs was taking a shower and I didn't have any water pressure in my flat. 10 minutes later, I was able to take my shower and when I got out, the window in the bathroom had ……...
            I put on some milk to make some hot chocolate. While I was trying to get warm in front of the fire, the milk……. . I couldn't believe it. I was out of milk, so I put on some water to boil to make coffee. Then I went upstairs to put on more clothes as I was still cold - and forgot about the boiling water on the cooker. When I returned to the kitchen, the water had….. and the saucepan was overheating. I left for work without a hot drink to warm me up.  I thought I would take the car, but the windscreen was …… and the lock had…… . So I had no choice but to walk.
            I passed the local pond and it had…… , so there were children on it trying to ice skate. Finally, I arrived at work, shivering with the cold - my nose was red, my hair full of ice and I couldn't feel my toes. My colleagues told me that even the river had …… and there was no traffic on it at all.
            In effect, we were cut off from the world as the roads were closed because of snow. At least our e-mail worked, so we did not feel quite so alone.
A few days later, the roads and the river were free again, but that was the coldest winter I had ever experienced.

8. Making Excuses

Fill in all the gaps with the correct form of a phrasal verb.

                 A Poor Excuse:
            Look, I know it's shocking for an English teacher to make a spelling mistake, but please don't think too badly of me. You see, I had a rather demanding week, and I've been under a lot of stress recently.
            So, on Wednesday, when I wrote "I know I promised to be here earlier, but I was help up in traffic.", I actually meant to write “…….”  in traffic.
            On Tuesday evening, a friend, who knew I'd been suffering a bit of stress recently,  ………with a bottle of Irish Whisky and... well, you know how it is. We didn't stop drinking until we'd …….. of anything to drink. The next morning, of course, I felt like I'd been run over by a bus, but although I was a little late, I did manage to go to work. I wrote the Phrasal Verb e-mail and was just about to check it when something ……. and I had to leave the office for a while. When I returned I had forgotten that I still needed to check it, so I just clicked 'send'.
            It wasn't until I received the first e-mail from one of you, pointing out my mistake, that I realised what had happened. I wanted to phone you all up and tell you, but I knew there was no way that I'd be able to …….. to all of you, so all I could do was wait until today to explain what happened.

Fill in all the gaps, using  the correct form of a  phrasal verb.

            Young people usually want to change things, but when they become old they often become nostalgic and ……. fondly to earlier times, before things changed. Perhaps the pleasant memories sometimes  …….the unpleasant ones, but this doesn't mean there isn't truth or wisdom in what old people tell us about the past. So, rather than complaining that we have to …….. older people …….. 'the good old days', perhaps we should stop and think first - they also have to …….. our unquestioned belief in progress. Being nostalgic doesn't necessarily imply that we want to ………. how things were, but it does encourage us to consider where we're going and whether it really is a good direction.

10. Relationships
a) Fill in all the gaps in this passage with the correct form of a phrasal verb.

            Last week was not a good week for my brother, Massimo. He and his girlfriend , Magda,1 …….. on a visit to a restaurant. The trouble began while Magda was in the bathroom, a young lady on the next table asked Massimo if he had a lighter and he was simply in the process of giving her a light when Magda returned and got suspicious. She accused Massimo of 2…… the girl……. , and obviously Massimo defended his innocence. Unfortunately, the young lady got nervous and refused to3…….  Massimo …. when he asked her to help him explain. Magda has so far refused to 4….. it …… with Massimo despite his phone calls and flowers. Strangely, although this is the story that Massimo told me, his girlfriend told me a completely different version of the events in the restaurant.

b) Fill in all the gaps the correct form of a phrasal verb.

A: What's the matter? You look upset.
B: I've just had a row with Bill.
A: Bill? Isn't he the new boy - the one who's just moved here from Scotland?
A: That's right and as far as I'm concerned he can go right back again.
B: Why? I thought you'd 1…… each other - you're always chatting together at break time.
B: Well, we've 2 …… each other now. He promised to take me to see 'The Metal Rockers' in concert tonight, but he's just told me that he can't because he has too much homework to do. I bought a new outfit, but now I've got nowhere to wear it because he's 3…..  me….. .
A: Well, can't you go on another night?
B: That's not the point - I thought I could 4…….. him, but obviously I can't.
A: Oh dear. It sounds to me as if you like him more than you admit - are you sure you haven't  5……..him?

c) Fill in the gaps with the correct form of a phrasal verb.

            John had been attracted to Suzie for a long time, but she had been 1…… Dave - the captain of the school football team. And besides, even if Suzie had been single, he would never have had the courage to 2…. her….  - whenever he saw her all he could do was blush and mumble incoherently. John had found her sitting on the school steps one morning, crying into her hands, and so he'd asked her what the matter was and she had told him that she'd discovered that Dave had been 3…..  her - and with her best friend, too!
            John sat down next to her and tried to console her, but she was terribly upset. After about 20 minutes she stopped crying and even started laughing a little at the jokes John was making about football players and their intimacy with their team mates. It was the first time that John had talked to her as a person, without getting nervous and stumbling over his words. And for Suzy it was the first time that a boy from school had spoken to her without trying to  4…….her….. . They had to end their conversation at that point because the bell rang to signal the start of school, so they arranged to meet after school at a local café.
            John arrived at the café first, and spent his time nervously looking around the café, at the front door, and at his watch. He realised that he was worried that she would 5…. him….. , but then realised that this wasn't a date - they were meeting as friends to talk over her feelings about Dave, and he didn't even know if she was going to forgive Dave or not! While he was lost in his feelings of guilt he didn't notice Suzie arrive, so he was surprised when he looked up and saw her sitting in front of him, smiling. She had bought him a coffee, and as she passed it to him their hands briefly touched ...


Collocations and Vocabulary
A. I









Word and Preposition Combinations

3.for, for
6.with, about



Open cloze










Word Formation
17. .applicable
21. disability

1.Phrasal Verbs with “off”

2.Phrasal Verbs with “out”

3.Phrasal Verbs with “on”
1. got

4.A Night Out
Go out
Stay in
Drink up
Stay out
Got back

5.Being involved in
Count in
Roped in
Want in
Dabble in
Keeping in with

Stamp out
Conked out
Petered out
Drop out
Crashed out

7.Freezing and Boiling
Frozen up
Frosted up
Boiled over
Boiled away
Frosted over
Frozen up
Frozen over
Frozen over

8.Making Excuses
Held up
Turned up
Run out
Came up
Get through

Look back
Blot out
Put up with
Harking back to
Put up with
Go back

a) fell out
chatting up
back up
make it up

b) taken to
fallen out with
let down
count on
fallen for

c)going out with
ask out
cheating on
chat up
stand up