marți, 16 iunie 2015

30 Essential British Expressions Volume 1

This video brings together the following British English expressions: A Bit Fishy, A Bit of How's Your Father, At the Drop of a Hat, Balderdash, Bloke, Brolly, Chock-a-Block, Chuffed To Bits, Dreaded Lurgy, Faggot, Fortnight, Gobsmacked, Grub's Up, Keep an Eye On, Kerfuffle, Knackered, Know Your Onions, More Tea Vicar?, Not My Cup of Tea, Perishing, Shambles, Skivvy, Snog, Sod Off, Sods Law, Spotted Dick, Stomach or Tummy Bug, Takes the Biscuit, The Bee's Knees, The Lion's Share. Repetition is the key to learning new vocabulary, and you should watch this video even if you have already watched the individual videos, the collections of 10, or the collections of 20. By regularly hearing the vocabulary it will become part of your active vocabulary. Active vocabulary is the vocabulary you can confidently use on a day-to-day basis. ✔ Click like, leave a comment, and subscribe to my YouTube channel ► ✔ British English Expressions Bank: ✔ Enrol on one of my British English courses ► ✔ British English pronunciation courses ► ✔ 100s of Free English lessons ► ✔ Need to practice your irregular verbs? ► ✔ Like to learn English Idioms? ► ✔ Need a real English teacher for online classes? ► ✔ Daily Doses of English ►