luni, 13 martie 2017

GLADIATOR - Dewey Gram level pre-intermediate

GLADIATOR - Dewey Gram
Level: pre-intermediate
General Maximus, the Commander of the Roman Army of the North, has won his last battle in the war against Germania. Then, he had hoped to return to his farm and his family in Spain. But there were many serious problems in Rome and Emperor Marcus Aurclius had known that he would soon die. Maximus realized that he might perform another duty for the Emperor before he could back home. He knew that it would not be easy, and he was right. Soon he has lightened for his life again, at first as a prisoner, then as a slave, and finally as a gladiator. One thought had been kept Maximus alive: that he would finally meet and kill the man he had hated the most – the new Emperor,


miercuri, 1 martie 2017

Learn English through stories : Live And Let Die, Ian Fleming, level 5

 Short description: 
In Live and Let Die, Bond finds himself in Jamaica investigating the underworld criminal 'Mr Big', who is suspected of selling antique gold coins to finance Soviet spy operations. 

As usual, Bond gets caught up in many dangerous situations. He also falls in love with Mr Big's girlfriend, the mysterious and beautiful Solitaire.


➤ Contents: (Click to jump to any chapter of video.)
00:00:17 - Chapter 1; An Interview with M
00:05:40 - Chapter 2: New York
00:09:18 - Chapter 3: A Mysterious Parcel
00:15:47 - Chapter 4: The Whisper
00:21:07 - Chapter 5: Harlem
00:31:46 - Chapter 6: Mr Big
00:39:00 - Chapter 7: Death on the Stairs
00:46:39 - Chapter 8: A Strange Report to M
00:54:54 - Chapter 9: The Silver Phantom
01:02:51 - Chapter 10: A Visitor in the Night
01:08:32 - Chapter 11: The Everglades
01:17:10 - Chapter 12: Death of a Bird
01:25:53 - Chapter 13: The Man with No Face
01:34:02 - Chapter 14: The Robber
01:43:36 - Chapter 15: Jamaica
01:49:55 - Chapter 16: Bond Gets Ready
01:59:28 - Chapter 17: Food for the Barracudas
02:08:50 - Chapter 18: Death at Sea
02:21:41 - Chapter 19: A Holiday for Two